• Coyote
    Coexisting With Coyotes

    Due to development and recent fires, wildlife is moving closer to neighborhoods to seek shelter and food. Click here for useful info on coexisting with coyotes.

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  • Utility Boxes
    Revitalized Utility Boxes

    Norwalk's newest public art, the second in a series of revitalized utility boxes, brings the city's iconic landmarks to life. Click here to learn more.

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  • Be Water Smart
    Be Water Smart

    With drought conditions persisting throughout California, you can do your part to help Norwalk be water smart.

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  • Arturo Sanchez Halloween Parade
    Halloween Parade

    On Oct. 17, Lee Mitchell, retired Director of the All-City Youth Band, leads the 32nd Annual Arturo Sanchez Sr. Halloween Parade as Grand Marshall. Click here to learn how you can be part of this Norwalk tradition.

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