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Tuesday , August 29, 2017 • 8:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. • Norwalk Arts and Sports Complex, 13000 Clarkdale Ave.

Lessons are offered in Guitar, Violin, Trumpet, and Voice at a reasonable cost. Participants must provide their own instruments; however, the Miniachis de Norwalk Program has some instruments available for loan. Parents borrowing instruments will be required to leave an instrument deposit. A new series of classes begins every three months. Please call 562-929-5521 for instrument availability, additional questions, or to be added to the mailing list. Si necesita informacion en Español, por favor llamar al numero 562-929-5521.


Resident: $25.00 MONTHLY / $60.00 THREE (3) MONTHS*

Non-Resident: $30.00 MONTHLY / $75.00 THREE (3) MONTHS*

*Three month pre-pay option is available for the month of September, to include September, October, and November.

AGE       DAY        DATES

7-18       T              *Oct 3-24

*Group Performance: Saturday, October 21 - 34th Annual Arturo Sanchez, Sr. Halloween Parade

(No class Oct 31)


7-18       T              *Nov 7-28

*Group Performance: Saturday, November 4 – Dia de Los Muertos Concert in San Pedro

(No class Nov 21)


Beginning:   4-4:45p

Advanced Beginning:   4:45-5:30p

Intermediate/Advanced:   5:30-6p


Beginning:   4-4:45p

Advanced Beginning:   4:45-5:30p

Intermediate/Advanced:   5:30-6p


Beginning:   4-4:45p

Advanced Beginning:   4:45-5:30p

Intermediate/Advanced:   5:30-6p


Group:   6-7p


Class times may vary depending on student enrollment. Instructors will notify the students on the first day of class of any changes in class time. Students are always welcome to participate in additional practice time at no additional cost. If students want more practice time, they are encouraged to consult with the instructor and are welcome to participate in the class below their current level. Keep in mind that practice time is not a substitute for student scheduled class time. Students are required to check-in for each day of class with the CAC staff. Check-in will take place in the CAC staff office. Checking in provides us with the opportunity to inform you of any upcoming performances and program updates. Students must arrive on time on the day of performances. If a student is late and they have a singing role, it may be offered to another student. *The three-month pre-pay option is available quarterly for a total savings of $15. You can pre-pay at the start of the quarter for the following months: September, October, and November. The pre-pay plan requires payment in advance, payment in full, and is only available at the beginning of the quarter.

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